KINK FM is The Netherlands' leading alternative, rock and indie radio station.
The new sound of
Dutch alternative radio
project type
Music production, sound design and audio imaging
July 2010
A long-standing user of our effects and sound design (a bespoke noise fusion package is the core of their station sound) this time KINK FM wanted to go a step further and commissioned us to create a full custom music and imaging package for the station's key events - including news, travel, weather, the top of the hour and the KINK 40 chart show.
Fiery and raw - yet powerful and polished - the music and sound design moulds together to create an innovative and strong brand identity for KINK which sounds deliberately and distinctly 'un-radio' like.
The package demo lets you hear the straight cuts as they came out of noise fusion's Unit 31 Studio. Meanwhile the on air audio gives context and demonstrates how Dion Posdijk at KINK has seamlessly worked their station voice into the package.
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