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Our UK sound heads to the US
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Music production
October 2005
Dallas-based TM Studios wanted to add a contemporary UK production sound to their jingles and turned to noise fusion to make it happen. TM's creative director, Chris Stevens, wanted to achieve a modern adult contemporary sound which truly sounded different from everything else out there. The package was composed and produced by noise fusion in London and Brazil. The package contains 13 cuts in total - 8 main vocal IDs (full length talk-up mixes, slogans and shotguns) and news, sport, travel, weather and what's on beds. The demo here is instrumental and contains the talk-up mixes and utility beds; a full vocal demo is available to audition at TM Studios.
The package has been licensed to The Bee and many other stations in the UK. It's also now airing worldwide including stations in Thailand, Japan & Switzerland.
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