Capital FM
London's No. 1 Hit Music Station. Format: CHR
The new power intro generation
project type
Music imaging
June - December 2005
When Capital wanted a new way to blend their brand with the music they play, they called noise fusion to take the concept of power intros to the next level.
Power intros usually involve slapping a vocal over an intro. Pitch it and stretch it a little. Job done.
The challenge here was to do something different. Something better. To take the musical style of a song together with its production values and create a brand new intro to the track incorporating the familiar Capital sonic logo in musical and vocal form. In the finished cuts it can sound like custom vocals were recorded for each track, but this wasn't actually the case - the vocals were recorded in one session in the States and we used a range of production techniques and manipulations to work them into the track. The finished intros were seamlessly blended into the track itself, and mastered to match the record's sonic signature.
No samples from the tracks themselves were ever used - the cuts were 100 per cent created by us. Intros were created across all genres, from the soft AC of Darren Hayes and Mariah Carey to the alternative rock of the Kaiser Chiefs and Green Day, with everything in between. Over a six month period we produced an astonishing 89 power intro cuts for Capital.

British Airways go electro for Capital
project type
Music production
voice artists
Abbie Eastwood
August 2005
British Airways had taken out a massive on-air sponsorship deal with Capital, but combination of the station voices and BA's classic music was a tricky partnership. So when Capital decided to funk things up, the offer of taking the timeless BA theme and mashing it up to work with the Capital brand was too tempting to refuse. The result was a piece of modern electronica containing no samples of the original piece, but with enough hooks of the BA melody to make their brand stand out.
On this demo you'll hear the clean version of the Into Break bed, the music in-use with the voice-over, and then the extended talk-over mix of the piece.

Feel Good. Feel London.
project type
Audio imaging and sound design
voice artists
Abbie Eastwood and Christian Solimeno
July 2005
A fresh CHR package that's deliberately on the verge of being under-produced - the brief was to, above all, not get in the way of the music. We also needed reinforce Capital's "Feel Good, Feel London" strapline; this was aided by the use of real vox pops. New to imaging voice work, Abbie added a clean sparkle to the sound, while Christian provided grit and weight.
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