What producers are saying about ID_2
We've been floored by the reaction of imaging producers and programme directors around the world. Here's a small selection of the dozens of comments we've received.

ID_2 from noise fusion simply blows the competition away... I have yet to hear anything in the world of radio production that comes even slightly close. Chris Ward, Group Head Of Production, Bauer Media, Place Portfolio, UK

It's going to melt your face! Ryan Drean, Creative Director, TM Studios, USA

It takes a lot to impress me these days when it comes to radio imaging… ID_2 is the absolute tits! WOW! So big, clean, crisp and cutting edge! Nice one :) George Taylor, Imaging Director, IMGR, UK

ID_2 really is a sonic piece of artwork... the new imaging FX benchmark! Dion Posdijk, Station Imaging Producer, The Netherlands

ID_2 has a distinct sound, cuts through... the perfect choice for our audio branding... ID_2 has helped The Hits capture a new attitude and audience. Aaron Watkinson, Imaging Producer, The Hits, New Zealand

Not sure I could have done my job without noise fusion James Espley, Programme Coordinator, TeamRock Radio, UK

ID_2 is amazing! The beds tear through your studio speakers.. cutting edge sound design for today's broadcasting world!Justin Dove, Owner/Operator, Core Image Studio, Canada

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