we write and produce powerful and original music & themes for TV, radio & online
we offer a range of ground breaking and shaking imaging FX packages and create stunning original custom sound design to order
we produce pioneering and award-winning audio imaging packages for radio and TV – from concept to completion
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the audio imaging originals

Your station's audio imaging should be a trip. An exciting journey that defines your brand from the moment it’s heard. Powerful music, explosive sound design/FX, and passionate VOs, colliding in an expertly-crafted production which creates an intense, emotive experience that is your station and your sound. This... is precisely what we do, and what we've won countless awards for.

Working to any format and genre, our audio imaging work ranges from producing a set of custom cuts to creating an entire sonic identity for a radio or TV station, brand, commercial, website, podcast or programme.

The trademark sound of our genre-blending beat-matched music imagers is characteristic of our approach to audio imaging. We have developed pioneering techniques for creating montages which produce idents that are powerful and euphonic. These imagers were first developed for XFM, then commissioned by The Brits, and subsequently adopted by many of our clients including iRadio, Choice and Real Radio. We continue to hone these skills and to craft radical and exciting new production techniques to ensure our audio imaging is continually on the leading edge, and sounds like nothing else.

Spend some time browsing our portfolio to hear the vast array of audio imaging packages we've created for radio stations throughout the world.

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